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Mindful of urban planning, community and wood construction

What is compelling about the housing project Flex is its approach to urban development: an L-shaped structure, slightly broader than the existing buildings, binds these and the open space together as an ensemble. The two-storey ground floor is set back, making for a fluid transition from the green spaces to the building. Above this mineral ground floor rises a five-storey wooden structure, which is based on a strict grid and permits flexible floor plan designs. Set in the building’s inside corner, the stairwell becomes a communication zone that invites you to linger.

About the construction: The five-storey wood construction sports interior walls of glue-laminated timber and outer walls in wood frame construction. Above, wooden beams in a 3.2 metre grid brace ceiling boards of cross-laminated timber. The balconies are precast concrete elements.


Dominik Fellinghauer, Luciano Espinoza, Diamant Sopi


Technische Universität Wien


Architektur – Architekturwissenschaften, Tragwerksplanung und Ingenieurholzbau; Architektur – Hochbau und Entwerfen


Peter Bauer, Alireza Fadai, Bernhard Holletschek, Daniel Stephan, Edmund Spitzenberger; Thomas Hasler, Lorenzo De Chiffre, Felix Siegrist