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A wooden high-rise with a distinctive load-bearing structure

The project Neighbourwood is compelling at several levels: in terms of construction, urban planning and function. Three structures – one disc-shaped, one tower-like, and an extension – are shifted against one another, with exterior staircases between them. The building’s load-bearing structure and bracing are also visible and shifted to the exterior in order to facilitate flexible floor plan designs inside. In the tower, sets of three storeys form units in terms of structure and building physics, which permits great flexibility and variety in floor plan designs and sections. Walkways connect the structures to one another and to the surroundings. All this makes the project well-scaled and well suited for wood construction.

About the construction: The jury found the idea of shifting the load-bearing and bracing structure to the exterior, in front of the façade, and of structuring units of three storeys each particularly compelling. The design facilitates a great degree of flexibility through its strong, overarching and organising frame. However, the design of the external wooden load-bearing structure only works if it is protected from weathering.


Daniel Geistlinger, Moritz Henes; Frederike Geissler


Technische Universität Berlin; Hochschule Biberach


Natural Building Lab – Architektur; Tragwerksentwurf und -konstruktion – Architektur


Eike Roswag-Klinge, Kim Gundlach, Nina Pawlicki; Kerstin Wolff, Hendrik Behrens