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DOHO - Münchens Künstlerhof
An incisive reconception of existing structures

The project DOHO presents a very consistent design approach. Instead of a high-rise, a horizontal structure with distinctive roofs and dormers closes the existing U-shaped complex into a quadrangle. This gives the complex a monastic look and feel. However, the ground-level zone leading to the courtyard, which is used by artists, could be made more transparent. In terms of construction, this competition entry is particularly well-articulated down to the details.


Simon Schubert, Tim Schellhammer, Kilian Jungel


Technische Universität München


School of Engineering and Design – Lehrstuhl für Architektur und Holzbau; Lehrstuhl für Holzbau und Baukonstruktion; Lehrstuhl für Entwerfen und Konstruieren


Stephan Birk, Maren Kohaus, Tabea Huth, Philipp Raupach; Stefan Winter, Manuel Uphoff, Nils Schumacher, Christoph Kurzer, Norman Werther; Florian Nagler