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A high point with unexpected spatial qualities for all sides

The project Five Side Court is compelling in its urbanistic configuration. With two arcades offset from each other and connecting to the existing structures, a residential and studio building 25 metres high forms pleasantly proportioned outdoor spaces: an inner courtyard towards the existing U-shaped art courtyard, and a new neighbourhood square towards the adjacent youth centre. The single-storey structures are partly transparent filters, and partly suited as exhibition spaces. This makes for very effective zoning of public and semi-public spaces. Moreover, the design demonstrates that a high-rise built with wood can be a benefit to the site.

About the construction: The new building is logically constructed, with a reinforcing inner core and continuous load transfer. However, the floor plans of the flats are convoluted, making them difficult to implement in wood construction in terms of fire protection and sound insulation. The jury recommends simplifying them to permit continuous ceiling panels.


Anna-Maria Brendel, Vincent Schmitt, Samuel Weitzbauer


Technische Universität München


School of Engineering and Design – Lehrstuhl für Architektur und Holzbau; Lehrstuhl für Holzbau und Baukonstruktion;
Lehrstuhl für Entwerfen und Konstruieren


Stephan Birk, Maren Kohaus, Tabea Huth, Philipp Raupach;
Stefan Winter, Manuel Uphoff, Nils Schumacher, Christoph Kurzer, Norman Werther; Florian Nagler