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A high-rise with an open storey for communal use

Three overlapping and superimposed structures form a building. The high-rise features an airy open storey at the same level as the roof terrace. This kind of open space is rare in Berlin, and adds value for the residents and the neighbourhood. The design is compelling for its beautifully structured floor plans, well thought-out detailing, and wooden building structure with interior mineral staircase core. It is a pity, however, that no considerations on a transition to existing structures are discernible.


Anatol Pabst, Lukas Frenzel, Andreas Grillborzer


RWTH Aachen


Architektur – Baukonstruktion; Bauingenieurwesen – Stahlbau/Fachgebiet Ingenieurholzbau


Hartwig Schneider, Jan Michel Hintzen, Katharina Schrader; Markus Feldmann, Benno Hoffmeister, Georgios Balaskas, Vera Wilden