proHolz Student Trophy 2020 - Jury members


_ Maximilian Rudolf Luger, jury president,
   Architekten Luger & Maul, Wels (AT)
_ Florian Nagler,
   Florian Nagler Architekten GmbH, Munich (DE)
_ Richard Woschitz,
   Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH, Vienna (AT)
_ Andreas Meinhold,
   City of Vienna, WSE Wiener Stadtentwicklung GmbH,  Vienna (AT)
_ Gerald Göres,
   City of Vienna - Wiener Wohnen, Vienna (AT)
_ Sylvia Polleres,
   Holzforschung Austria, Vienna (AT)
_ Bernhard Egert,
   Association of the Austrian Wood Industries, Vienna (AT)

The recorded decision is final and incontestable. There is no right of appeal. All participants will be informed of the jury’s decision.




Mag. Arch. Et. Art. Maximilian Rudolf Luger, jury president

Architekten Luger & Maul, Wels (AT)

Studied at TU Wien
Studied at The University of Art and Design Linz
since 1989 architectural office with Franz Maul
2007 Upper Austrian Wood Construction Award
2005 Upper Austrian Wood Construction Award
2003 Upper Austrian Wood Construction Award

Prof. Arch. Florian Nagler

Florian Nagler Architekten GmbH, Munich (DE)

Studied architecture at the University of Kaiserslauttern
since 1996 architectural office Florian Naglerer Architekten
2012 Founding member of the research association TUM.wood
2014 - 18 Member of the Design Advisory Board of the City of Landshut
2014 Member of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Richard Woschitz, MRICS

Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH, Vienna (AT)

Studied Civil Engineering at TU Wien
1999 - 2005 Vasko-Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH
seit 2005 Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH
2016 MRICS Award
2012 Holzbau-Meister h.c. Award
2017 State Prize for Architecture and Sustainability
2015 Wood Construction Award of Burgenland
2015 Innovation Award of Burgenland
2015 Wien Wood Award

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Meinhold

Stadt Wien, WSE Wiener Stadtentwicklung GmbH, Wien (AT)

Civil engineering education
1990 - 2000 Employment in the private sector in the operative construction sector
since 2000 Public officer of the City of Vienna, thereof 10 years in the building authority and 7 years in the Executive Office for Urban Planning, Development and Construction, thereof 5 years additionally as managing director of Wiener Infrastruktur Projekt GmbH. Since 2019 Managing Director of WIP Wiener Infrastruktur Projekt GmbH, part of WSE, Wiener Stadtentwicklung GmbH.

Ing. DI Gerald Göres, BSc

Wiener Wohnen, Vienna (AT)

2005 - 15 City of Vienna, Executive Office 19 (Architecture and urban design)
since 2015 City of Vienna – Wiener Wohnen

DI Sylvia Polleres

Holzforschung Austria, Vienna (AT)

Studied at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (Major: Wood Industry)
since 2000 scientific employee of the Holzforschung Austria
2003 ÖGUT environmental award for the project
since 2008 Chairwoman of the Technical Standards Committee 019 Holzhaus- und Fertighausbau
since 2010 Founding member of ARGE Fensterbank

DI Bernhard Egert, MBA

Association of the Austrian Wood Industries, Vienna (AT)

Studied civil engineering at TU Wien
Master builder, master woodworker, MBA at the Institute for Change Management of the WU Wien
1991 - 1996 Hofman & Maculan Bau GmbH
1996 - 2013 RUBNER Holzbau thereof 10 years as managing director
2014 - 2019 property developer in real estate project development in Vienna
2017 - 2018 timber construction consultant at HANDLER Bau GmbH
since 2019 managing director of Graf Holztechnik GmbH