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Completing, adding to and also redeveloping the existing urban fabric

Urban agglomerations in Central Europe are characterised by growing populations, and the consequences of this development are urban sprawl at the periphery entailing land consumption, overwhelming traffic volume, and a great need for additional infrastructure. This requires rethinking the use of resources and of building land. The proHolz Student Trophy 22 focuses on extending, adding to and also redeveloping the existing urban fabric. The basis for competition entries is one model project site each in the cities of Munich,  Berlin and Vienna. Topic of the competition is the creation of affordable housing by adding to and densifying the existing urban structure.

Students of architecture and civil engineering are invited to participate in the competition in planning teams.
The prize money for the proHolz Student Trophy 22 is 15,000 euros in total.

Design task
Projects proHolz Student Trophy 2022

Munich, city district Domagkpark

Urban expansion at the former military site in Munich Schwabing

Berlin, model project House of Statistics

Urban building block at the former headquarters of the State Central Administration of the GDR in…

Vienna, residential complex Karl-Kysela-Hof

Extension of two 9-storey residential buildings in Vienna Ottakring