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Award winner

Overhanging room modules lend elegance to existing panel buildings

Modulus is an architecturally compelling entry with a coherent construction system. Three types of modules for baths and kitchens, living spaces and loggias are the basis for elongated room modules that are stacked lengthwise and crosswise on the roof, freely overhanging it on both sides. They form a spatially complex roof structure with beautiful interior and exterior spaces. The lifts emphasize the verticality of the panel buildings and are a beautiful counterpoint to the tubular modules set on the roof. The jury was above all persuaded by the elegant new appearance that the panel building gains through the vertical extension.


Monika Kalinowska, Denys Karandiuk, Weronika Moscicka


Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

Study Program, Department



Bernhard Sommer, Galo Moncayo, Franz Sam