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Award winner

UPvalued - Thinking around corners in the formal and functional sense

This design keeps the surrounding urban fabric in mind: the corner of the building is accentuated by a prominent rise of the vertical extension, and planning common rooms there makes functional sense. Well thought-out floor plans and a smart construction approach make this a compelling design. A combination of room modules and modular construction allows prefabrication for rooms requiring extensive installations, such as baths and kitchens and flexibility in the flats’ floor plans and sizes. The construction system can also be applied to other buildings. This design was chosen as a winning project in particular because of the way it situates the building’s corner in the urban context.


Sofia Kholodkova, Yana Shcherbakova, Katharina Kögl


Technische Universität München

Study Program, Department

Entwerfen und Holzbau; Holzbau und Baukonstruktion


Hermann Kaufmann, Maren Kohaus, Felicia Specht; Stefan Winter, Michael Merk