proHolz Student Trophy 2020 - Task

Light up! Vertical extension with wood

For the ongoing influx of the population into our cities, adequate architectural and urban planning solutions must be found. The proHolz Student Trophy 2020 is focused on urban densification, specifically on a vertical extension of existing residential buildings in Vienna. The students shall develop solutions in wooden or hybrid construction. 

For the competition several residential buildings in Vienna will be offered. They all date from the 1960s to 1970s and are suitable for a vertical extension. For this purpose, their existing bearing structure was checked. All the residential buildings allow two additional floors without a substantial improvement of the existing construction being necessary. 

The task of the student competition is the vertical extension of one of these selected residential buildings with a maximum of two floors in timber or hybrid construction. The aim of the competition is to use this specific building task to develope systematic solutions that can also be applied to other residential buildings from this period. 

The competition documents will be available for download from Monday, 29th of April 2019.